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Because of the technical issues with the B1G1 Sale we have figured out a better way to do it so there are no hang ups. So today through Friday our Mad Mondays offer is 50% off of select products! No code or anything needed. Prices are automatically changed on the website.
Huge shout out to Xsbobber and the IA team, pack arrived fully secured, Xsbobber and IA went well beyond anything I've ever seen from an International supplier, I am fully blown away, I wanted to post up pictures however I do not want to expose IA stealth packaging techniques. If you haven't gave IA a try, believe me your missing out on some bad-ass gear, I'll be ordering again.
I just want to add on how quick IA responded to my every email. I had a few favors they honored and were lightning quick to change the invoice. Cant wait to try these new tools! Job well done guys!
Here it is guys! By popular demand we decided to do a B1G1 sale!
We have chosen our most popular products for this time of the year and also included the ever popular MENT! Please look at the list of products included in this sale on the banner.

If you can't see the picture these are the products included:
Test E 300
Test C 300
Test Prop 100
Tren Ace 100
Tren E 200
Mast P 100
Mast E 200
Ripex L-A
Ment (Trestalone)
Which do you prefer? flat bench,inclined bench, dumbbells,barbell? I'm an inclined dumbbell type of person :p
I ordered inferno and some kratom from iasuperpharma, so far communication with Xsbobber has been great and everything is right on schedule, as soon as I recieve my pack I'll post up. Thanks iasuperpharma and Xsbobber for offering so many products.
Anabolic Architects would like to announce $200 free credit to one lucky winner each week for the month of March. This is the last week that we will pick a sponsor that Anabolic Architects will donate $200 toward the purchase of any order $200 or more from the chosen sponsor of that week.

What's Next? Details coming within 72 hours, so spread the word.


You may get me pot of Gold this time, however the next Anabolic Architects Special Offer will be to DIE FOR.
New Sponsor: PharmaComStore
Please welcome our latest sponsor:

I told my wife that as soon as we closed on our new house that I was buying myself a car. I've had a ton of projects and toys over the years but this time I wanted something new and nice and reliable and fun. What kind of car am I shopping for? Year isn't important but I need make and model. First one to answer correctly gets $100 in store credit!