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Easy mixing steps for a dummy!

Easy steps to success with reconstituting/mixing your EuroTropin/Geno cartridges without using a Ready-Pen...

Some time back I explained about reconstituting the GH cartridges without using a pen, by utilizing a blunt object such as a pen or a screw-driver... I had this Video saved for sometime now and should have posted it soon to SUPPORT my explanation..

Step 1) Simply remove cartridge from packaging

Step 2) Place Pencil,Pen, or Phillips-screw driver in rear behind plunger and SLOWLY press with STEADY force.. Do NOT worry about water leaking out, the rubber stopper/plunger is super tight..Remember to go slowly in order to avoid damaging the Lyophilized Polypeptide (HGH)..

3) Roll around SLOWLY to assure all recombinants/amino acid residues have mixed equally... Once mixed allow it to sit for 20-45 mins (preferably in the frig)

FYI - After mixing the powder with the liquid/solution, Eurotropin & Genotropin must bestored in a refrigerator (2° to 8°C), for up to 4 weeks. Thereconstituted solution can remain at room temperature for upto 2 hours prior to each injection. Once the injection isadministered, the reconstituted solution MUST be returned tothe refrigerator. The cycle can be repeated over the allowable4 week period, but ALWAYS return to frig and KEEP out of UV light (The hormone is extremely sensitive to light, and sudden movement)

Official leaflet for Geno's with FULL description on mixing with pens and storage details (same applies for EuroTropin Cartridges)


I just recently started running Pharmacom gear 2 weeks ago, the Test Base 100 is honestly some of the strongest Test Base I think I have ever used pre-workout, I am also running this alongside another sponsors oil (NPP,Test P and t-bol) (8 weeks in) within about 15-30 minutes I felt this stuff kick in, my first thoughts were holy shit, what a rush. Can't wait to start using the d-bol now, unfortunately I gotta wait until I'm done cutting.
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Just placed my 1st order with PSL for some T3 and Clen, ordering process was very easy and straight forward, will keep everyone updated.
RP-HPLC & SEC-HPLC analysis of Eurotropin HGH
"High-performance liquid chromatography"

We have had a certain request come up several times since our release of EP Eurotropin HGH 191aa In regards to a private unbiased testing facility to share their thoughts and testing results on Eurotropin with the concept of test randomization of products submitted by a customer/client..

Recently we've have the opportunity to sit together with some some campaigners that represent the populace of board members being the voice or the ambassador for clients and potential customers in the AAS/HGH market as their mission is to randomly test, expose and provide factual unbiased testing results of AAS/HGH products that are offered by numerous vendors across the internet panels..

All testing material has been submitted by forum member's, and tested at random..

With this said, your confidence can be reinstated, with a piece of mind that Euro-Pharmamacies compounding/manufacturing will meet the standard requirements
as we've already implemented from day one comprehensive, modern quality systems and risk management approaches that exceed these minimum standards in-order to provide our customers and clients with the products that they need and expect, exceeding their expectations with the finest quality HGH on the market.

Below is the the final test conclusion and rest assure that the reliability and/or validity of a test is 100% genuine and authentic!

(A special thanks to our team and EP network for donating funds to make this testing possible,
and a shout-out of recondition to one of our teams back bones "Mr.Mace" for providing constant communication with the parties involved..Great job team PSL/EP)

What do you guys do for the 4th? Kind of sucks it's on a Tuesday this year, but oh well I'm ready to hang out on the beach get drunk and blow shit up! MERICA!! Lol
If you look closely in pic 1 & 2, zoom in close, and you'll see it.. The entire vial has it in it.... WTF? Euro-pharmacies put gains in my vial.. Both pics have nothing but gains in those vials..Any body else find gains in their vials too?


(The information below was pulled from a very credible source that is pinpoint accurate with GHRP-2/6)

Ghrelin: The “Hunger Hormone” Explained

What is Ghrelin?

Ghrelin is a hormone produced in the gut. It is often termed the hunger hormone, and sometimes called lenomorelin.
It travels through your bloodstream and to your brain, where it tells your brain to become hungry and seek out food.
Ghrelin’s main function is to increase appetite. It makes you consume more food, take in more calories and store fat.

The graph below shows how rats injected with the hormone had a rapid increase in weight.


In addition, it affects your sleep/wake cycle, reward-seeking behavior, taste sensation and carbohydrate metabolism.

This hormone is produced in your stomach and secreted when your stomach is empty. It enters the bloodstream and affects a part of the brain known as the hypothalamus,
which governs your hormones and appetite.

The higher your levels, the hungrier your get. The lower your levels, the more full you feel and the easier it is to eat fewer calories.
So if you want to lose weight, lowering your ghrelin levels can be beneficial.
Ghrelin may sound like a terrible, diet-wrecking hormone. However, in the past it played a role in survival by helping people maintain a healthy level of body fat.
These days, if you under-eat or struggle to gain weight, higher ghrelin levels may help you consume more food and calories per day.
Bottom Line: Ghrelin is a hormone that sends a signal to your brain to feel hungry. It plays a key role in regulating calorie intake and body fat levels.
Ghrelin levels typically rise before a meal, when your stomach is empty. Then they decrease shortly after, when your stomach is full.
While you might assume obese people have higher levels, they may just be more sensitive to its effects.
In fact, some research shows their levels are actually lower than in lean...