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Hi tony torres,

Welcome to Anabolic Architects Bodybuilding community and steroid forum.
So life dealt me a "fuck you" blow because I didn't listen to my gut, lemme say that shit won't happen again [emoji23][emoji23] I had stopped everything for three-four months.....and strength plummeted.

Now---- tbol cycle done and two weeks into the oh so giant dose of 20mg/week [emoji23] my weight is solid at 146 and strength is back!!!

Squats are at 185 for reps (upping to 190 on Sunday!) bench I maxed at 140 (not bad, just under body weight....will work to bring that up!!!!) and deadlifts last night I got one at 315 will also being that up!!!!

Finally got the hang of Jefferson squats at we will start cranking that up too. Rack pulls I hit at 340 for 5! Will drop the bar a tad and hit 350 this week.

Romanian deads are at 205 for 3sets of 10.

Not as crazy as some of your numbers....but for a small fry, not bad at all if I do say so myself!!!!

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Rogueamerican!!!!! Rogue has been chosen to be the replacement for Bama , who recently resigned. There's many reasons why he's been chosen one being his vast knowledge and his commitment to the forum as well as going back and looking at the old applications for moderator positions he had a very good application.
I am very happy to announce that he is our new moderator,And will without a doubt do a great job. Welcome to the team Rogue!!!!!
Hi RippedStatus,

Welcome to Anabolic Architects Bodybuilding community and steroid forum.
Do you have one at home that you really like? I see so many w great reviews. Would like to stay under $1500.
When I google best treadmills of 2017 its like shopping for paint lol. So many dang choices.

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I recently moved into a bigger home and thinking of converting 1/2 of my garage into a mini- gym.
I researched a few diff mats and thought I'd ask advice being I'm sure a few have home gyms.
I might be going overboard but if I'm going to have a gym Id like to start off on the right foot.
Im thinking of getting a full size piece of just a simple Home Depot office carpeting cut (the size of gym area) than placing down a good quality 3/4"in or 1" mat.

Ive posted the mat here that seem to have a good review on Amazon. I dont live near any tractor places so I'll need to buy on Amazon or online.


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New job it'll be a good idea to carry. I've settled on the Springfield XDS in 9mm. I'm leaning towards the flat dark earth. What're y'alls opinions?


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