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Gave my good friend some of the new ANABOL (dbol) tabs to try out. Has been struggling to put on weight and despite my advice to simply eat more food....he wants the ol magic pill. Lucky for him I had just the thing. Here's the text he sent me last night...

I guess it's good stuff :)
Also...hehe, he said balls.
Time to capitalize! Only 15 hours left to get your goodies at 20% off! We don't often do markdowns this big so come rob us before we realize what we've done!

l l l l l l l l l l l l l l

Don't let the timer run out!

This is a topic that will get different opinions for sure.

Some people will say you should get in macros right after your workout. Others will say it is not necessary as long as your consuming the set amount of daily calories/nutrients you need to hit each day...

While i agree to an extent, i believe there are Windows of timing to better utilize our nutrients we are consuming.

Personally, i believe right after a workout is one of them. You just depleted your nutrients and glycogen stores. Some of your muscle proteins have been broken down.

So naturally replenishing them is key to help rebuild your muscle protein and replenish your glycogen. This will help stimulate new muscle growth.

Consuming protein(amino acids) will help build and repair these proteins and new muscle tissue.

Your glycogen stores are used as fuel and depleted during exercise and strenuous activity, consuming carbs withiminutes after your workout will help replenish them .

Now consuming both protein and carbs together will maximize protein and glycogen synthesis.

So what is everyones opinion on this subject.

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Made order.Smooth. Communication. Smooth.
Prices. SWEET.
So far, I'm liking.
(International shipping ONLY)

G-TROPIN (Somatropinum) - 10 iu/vial
Condition: New product
Supplier: Europe GT (G-Tropin)
Chemical Name:Somatropinum 191aa
Comes In: 10IU vial(3.3mg)
Dosage: Men 2-6IU total daily
Active time: Varies by injection method
Class:Growth Hormone
HGH Serum test average result : 10 iu ( 20ng/ml-25ng/ml )
Shipping from Europe
If you wanna be treated like a God!

You must train like a God!

You must eat like a God!

Fruit From the Heavens above! Dont settle for anything less!!

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The wing man of my blasts, GHRP-6 has bailed me out when I was choking out!

Look at those wax coated boxes and holograms..

For the busy man or women!
The new easy dispenser..
Fits inside your purse and wallet for easy storage.

Coming soon in cinnamon, and icy blue!!

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The TD's just keep on comin. The other day my 300iu of G-Tropin HGH arrived, and now my Pharma grade dbol and anadrol landed. Thanks PSL for always coming through.

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hey guys myself and Gmoney will be tag teaming this bitch to give y'all the best customer service we can.!! hit me up at ifbbsupplies@anonymousspeech.com for a list!