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It’s HUMP DAY Once Again!!!!


Because we love Hump Day....
every order placed today through Sunday over $200 gets
Any 1 item of their choice FREE!

You must put which item in your order as we are not mind readers...

Also please read the payment methods carefully as they have changed a bit. Any questions don’t hesitate to ask. ​
Here you go bro's!!
Who say's Christmas can't come early?
"Last holiday SALE of the season"
Early Bird special SALE

10% OFF Now and until Dec 1st ONLY!
Here at P.S.L. we understand the financial stress of the holiday's,
so we decided to give you all an early bird special sale,
so stock up now on all your favorite EP items, while supplies last..

Click the Perky Turkey for our online store,
and begin your savings TODAY..


And because we love Hump Day ......
every order placed today over $200 gets

Any 1 item of their choice FREE!

You must put which item in your order as we are not mind readers...​
Can't wait to see the goodies and will post up picts. when they arrive...Thanks
hey guys i emailed you guys an order. just checking if you got it?
When my pack arives then pictures of SX gear will be posted before I ever start my cycle.
This going to be beautiful!!!!LOL........ So hard to find legit GH and igf1Lr3, so this will be off the hook.
International Shipping Has Re-opened

Don't forget about these "PARAMOUNT" products by Euro-Pharmacies

World-Class Peptides to help facilitate with burning fat, building muscle, and improving athletic performance

The positive effects of peptides
Peptides are thus one of the new generation of stimulants. Indeed, they were primarily created to treat Growth Hormone (GH) deficiency.

They therefore increase the production of Testosterone. It will improve your strength and accelerate muscle growth. Peptides also will increase your muscle tissue,

as well as having a positive effect on bones and organs.
The second effect of the peptides is their anti-inflammatory side. This positive effect will allow a better recovery.

It also relieves pain and allows you to recover more easily from injuries (e.g. lacerations).
Peptides also provide better oxygenation of the muscles. They are also often used in endurance sports such as walking, jogging,

or cycling. In terms of weight, they will mostly allow the muscles to better support long-term efforts.

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