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Hi justchat81,

Welcome to Anabolic Architects Bodybuilding community and steroid forum.
Hey guys, just wanted to see how you guys balance your schedule when life gets busy? My wife and I just had out second child not 3 weeks ago. Another boy born on June 19th healthy and happy.

With a new born, 6 year old that we are celebrating his birthday party today, working long hours doing manual labor, taking care of our 87 year old grandma, and still making time for the wife and I. Sometimes I feel guilty being gone for 2 hours a day at the gym when I don't go in the morning. But I need it, more than anything, it is what keeps me sane, healthy, and happy. I feel it's better for all parties that I go and relieve life's everyday stress.

What else do you guys do to not be stressed out when life is chaotic? My wife and I have been away from our 6 year old for not even a week for the whole 6 years and now with a second I think we need more gym time and time with each other. A week vacation is needed but not always easy with a new born and bills, plus not a lot of family around to babysit. What do you guys do and your thought.
I've been looking for a few things but can't seem to find them all at the same place. Any advice on who has a bit of everything

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So yesterday at work I left my satellite shop riding my bike back to my my office. Traffic on the free way had a sudden stop.
Everyone slammed on their brakes. I was back about 6 or more car lengths back from the car in front of me. When I saw the red brake lights I jumped on mine and locked em up.

As I'm skidding to slow down I look back behind me guy is right on my ass so I couldn't pull my back wheel out to the side to slow more. I looked to the HOV lane to my left a car was racing up quick. I couldn't dip into that lane.
All I could do is ride it out and hope I can stop b4 I hit the truck in front of me.
At this point nothing is going through my head. No adrenaline rush nothing other than me verbally saying fuck fuck fuck fuck!

I got 4 of those out b4 I hit the pickup bumper. Front tire dipped down, front fender crushed up to the forks. Forks bend toward me. Handle bars push forward. I lift up off of the seat. My chest arms and face hit the tailgate.
Arms and helmet first then chest lifting my head and shoulders over the top of his tailgate.

I don't even think the guy knew I hit him.

I yank the tire out from under the bumper.
He then starts to drive a way and I guess realizes I'm still in the same spot. He then pulls over and I waddle the bike over to the side.
My arm put a dent in his tailgate, my left face shield and chin guard of the helmet
Is scraped up. Dent in my tank/ air box area. Probably from my balls of steal lol. Forks r bent one is cracked and leaking fluid all over.

Never once did I freak out or panic. Pretty much typical from past near death experiences for me.

Have u been in these types of situations? How did u react during? After? How did u handle ur self did u freeze and go for the ride or did u react the best way u could have?

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We all have em. Everyone's got something they do in the gym that's a bit.... odd.

For me, I can't stand if a bench isn't lined up with the ceiling tiles/rafters etc. If the rafters go from left to right, the barbell on the bench has to be basically parallel when I'm looking up while benching. Otherwise I'll start freaking out and bench crooked.

I'm always slightly adjusting the equipment. Trying to move thousands of pounds of leg press to line up with the floor tiles [emoji23]

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Hi Lee1,

Welcome to Anabolic Architects Bodybuilding community and steroid forum.
I'll be posting some scholarly articles I've read on it, but I'd like to give my personal experience.

My BP was high. Not horrible but not great for a 24 year old. I was pretty consistently high 130's or mid 140's over 80's and 90. I started everything I read might help BP. Cleaned my diet. Started taking beet root powder every morning. Taurine. Fish oil. And coq10.

I've actually cut out a lot of my supplements recently to figure out my stomach issues and the only thing I've kept taking is one measly coq10 cap a day. Maybe 400mg?

My BP ON TREN with a crap diet is now down around 124/70's and sometimes 80.

It's been 2-3 months on it and I'm going to definitely recommend y'all try some coq10 if you want to drop your BP a bit. Don't rely on it, but give it a shot.

I also read an article that talked about how getting the more expensive ubiquinol form really isn't that much more beneficial for most people. Will be posting them when I can find them.

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We had another opening position for a moderator and upon thinking it over And llooking at all the applications once again. The decision has been made that DSGYM will be replacing

Welcome to the team DSGYM!!!!! I'm glad too have you on the team.
Now we have filled the two openings for moderators.

Respect JV
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