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Hi roy123,

Welcome to Anabolic Architects Bodybuilding community and steroid forum.
Hi GrilledCheddar,

Welcome to Anabolic Architects Bodybuilding community and steroid forum.
Anyone used them? Which ones are they effective? I have collected information online but would like to get feedback on any one who has actually used them before i drop some money on them. My purpose for them would be to help maintain muscle in between cycles. So let's hear some feedback......
Hi Rhet.1337,

Welcome to Anabolic Architects Bodybuilding community and steroid forum.
What's up?
Thought I'd see where everyone is at on there personal goals.
I'm out of my bulk and starting to bring my cals down. By end of this week I will add Helios and clen. About 2-3 weeks later I will add t3.
My wife is jumping back into her diet so that will help at night when we r both home for dinner. Less temptation to cheat on a meal lol.
We r both going to be using clen and t3 at some point. I want to make sure Ms Aton is committed to her as she has been in her work outs b4 I have her starting the other stuff.

We r shooting for a 4 month cut b4 a December vac to Hawaii.

I had an odd thing happen to me the other evening. It was a few days into dropping
200 cals out of my diet. After my 5 meal I went hypo. So I had to get some simple sugars down b4 I got too bad.

It may be the tren keeping my insulin high as I've been off slin for 2 wks b4 I started to drop cals.
I've been sweating more during the day but that really seems to be my only side so far.

I'm hoping it stays that way as I keep dropping cals and cabs.

Anyways what's every body currently working on?

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Hope everyone is doing well?!? Hate that I have not been active on the boards! I truelly love spending my time getting to know you guys and learn new things, but damn life has been hectic! Work got crazy and I needed as many hours as possible with a baby on the way! So had a vacation end of june and I have been working 70 hours a week since!!! We just had our baby almost 2 weeks ago and we had a beautiful healthy little girl! Mom has had a hard time recovering from the c section, but each day is getting better.

My gym life has been non existent for about 3 months, which is the longest I've gone since I last blew out my knee! Diet has kind of gone to shit, working so much and not a lot of time to spare so we have been eating fast food and take out a lot, which we have never ate much fast food in the past. I'm so ready to get back to my old self, but still have so much going on.

So I think I will start working on a diet for now and make that work till I can consistently get back in the gym. I know I'm losing size and that is fine, but I can not replace muscle with fat, that will not work!!! I have been cruising on a small amount of test a week, during this time, but I am so damn ready to blast!!! Now it's all going to get pushed back till I get everything back in place and I'm consistent in the gym for a few months. May say the hell with it and run a quick blast to help, idk!?!

What has everyone else been up too? Hope everyone is doing well and hitting their goals!!! I am going to really try to find time to get back on this forum more often! Thanks for reading my long ass winded post! Just been wanting to post this for about a week, but kept having things come up.... take care my brothers!!!

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Would be a very big help too the Board!! And Would be very much appreciated!!!
***Remember the auctions will help bring in revinew which will allow us too put that revinew back into the Board therefor making it a safer and better place, ALSO it will help The Vendors too get their products out for the members to try, which will bring Reveiws, That would in turn help the sales of vendors. [emoji680]

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