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If you are truly interested in a blend like
Truly interested say so in this thread I'll get UG to make a price list and see if you still want the blend line thanks guys
Hey Guys ,

We have some very good news for you...Due to the numerous requests for consultancy on cycle planning and products usage that we have received by e-mail we have have decided to hire a retired IFBB pro athlete to handle all your requests and give you guidance on your bodybuilding endeavors.

There are just a few conditions that you need to meet to be eligible for getting in contact with our pro and get an advice :

- For PharmacomStore customers only.
- This is not a prep service, so no advanced pre-competition protocols, like water manipulation, SEO or things like that.
- No cut/paste answer will be given. All replies will be tailored to your case. Give full details for a better understanding of your situation, history and goals.

Please contact our customer service on the website and they'll offer you more details .

thank you
This is the journal
Gear all united gear
500 mg a week 1cc m-fri (testp,mastp,tren a)
50 mg mast p m,w,f
8 iu hgh Ed
Just finished dnp so all results are just united gear
Seated curls
Rope pull downs
Hammer curls seated
Skull krushers
Body weight suspended dips till failure

Meal one
6 eggs whites and yougart
Meal two
Pwo 80 g whey isolate
Meal three
10 oz ground chicken half sweet potato
Meal four
8 oz baked fish and salad
Meal five
8 oz ground turkey
Take 15% off any order you make $200-$300 and 20% off $300 or more from today 5/5/18 threw 5/13/18,just our way of saying thanks to everyone at AA.Just place your order tell UG your from the AA community and you want your 15%. Or %20 off our already low prices,so thanks to all of AA for all you do ,take advantage of the quick spring sale..
This is the fastest way to get ahold of me for any thing you guys and girls need,don't know why I waited this long to think about it,please feel free to contact me anytime I promise a response within 18-24 hrs tops

I’ve just added 2 New Products to the list!
1) Rip Mix 300 - Its a blend of 100mg each
Test P/Tren A/Mast P

2) Ment E 200 - A very popular compound
but in a long Ester version!
This one is in limited supply for now to see how well it sells because it’s expensive to make.

These both do do not have labels made yet because they are New Products
Very powerful historical photo of the British Military marching to battle in 1776...
I can hear the snare drums and trumpets in my head.....
7 months straight now of no seizures from our two new warehouses!

:) :) :) :) ;) :) :) :)
Love the lable name myself.Thank you so much unitedgear for making these for me
I have 80 ml of 100mg test prop,100 mg tren ace,and 100 mg mast prop per ml first pin will be tomorrow night.
I looked over all the post counted the entries twice
First thanks to all of you truly ,this Contest was a success for our fourm and ug.we would not be at all if not for wonderful members , customers and most importantly friends like all of you,there will be many more Contest to come.
That being said Aton had the most post by 11 more than anyone else and stuck to the contest rules so congratulations Aton and enjoy.