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Ever reach the point in a cycle where you just feel like your body is desperately trying to tell you something? Maybe you've added too many compounds, maybe your doses are too high, maybe you've been on too long. Whatever it may be, your body just reaches the point where it starts getting angry with you.
I think i'm at that point. I'm tired and moody all the time, my workouts are stale because I'm too exhausted to give it 100%, my digestive system is starting to work against me, my anxiety is up, feeling a bit on the depressed side, appetite is gone, and just feel like overall dog shit. I get these waves of gross feeling that come over me during the day. Maybe 2-3 times a day I'll just get this feeling like somebody is pumping sewage through my veins and i get nauseous, sweaty, and just feel gross.
I'll admit I can be a bit reckless. I only cruise a couple times a year for about 8 weeks at a time but for the most part i'm on cycle.
Now to some of you these may seem like moderate doses but anyways here's what I've been on.
1g test
350mg trestalone ace
700mg npp
700mg tren ace
4iu genotropin hgh
Orals cycled in and out
50mg dbol - 6 weeks
20mg superdrol - 4 weeks
Been doing this for about 24 weeks now. I think it's time to take a break :(
Anyone else have this happen???
After moving and finally digging out my stash it’s sad to see I’m down to just a few items from the legend Vaultek/Paxton labs. One can hope someday they resurface [emoji41]
I have four sealed dyel labs Sustanon 250 just seeing what’s out there.
I did one very close to this last fall and it was outstanding
Test prop 500 mg week
Primo 1 g a week
Mast e 1 g a week
Tren a 900 mg a week
Proviron 175 mg Ed
Anavar 175 mg Ed
Hgh 15 iu ed
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