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Interesting read. But experience found 1500mgs to be effective amount of Saw palmetto while on cycle anyways. I would anticipate needed more than 8oz of pomegranate to reduce estrogen on cycle as well.

How Much Saw Palmetto Should You Take to Block DHT?

By Joanne MarieMay 08, 2015

In men, the prostate is a gland the size and shape of a walnut that surrounds part of the urethra, and makes some of the fluid portion of semen. The prostate can enlarge and cause urinary problems in a non-cancerous condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH. Enlarged prostate affects more than half of men older than 60, according to the National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse. An herbal remedy from the saw palmetto plant (Serenoa repens) may help improve this problem by reducing levels of a male hormone called dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, that's involved in BPH.


The saw palmetto plant produces small berries that contain several natural compounds with biological activity. These include a group of fatty compounds called plant sterols, such as beta-sitosterol, campesterol and stigmasterol. These compounds have anti-inflammatory activity, according to experts at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and may also block the activity of a cellular enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. This enzyme converts the main male sex hormone, testosterone, into its metabolite, DHT. Although the cause of BPH is not totally understood, excess production of DHT in the gland is probably involved. Saw palmetto compounds may reduce the amount of DHT available to prostate cells by as much as 40 percent, according to Sloan-Kettering experts.


Saw palmetto is available at health-food stores as powdered berries in capsules, or as tinctures or extracts. For best results, choose standardized preparations that contain 85 to 95 percent fatty acids and sterols to minimize differences between batches. Although no minimum effective dose has been...
Been running a (no longer a sponsor's) tren ace for 100mg eod for like 6ish weeks. Bumped it up to 150 because no night sweats, no stupid muscle or strength gains like my first tren cycle. And to boot, after a long deca and NPP bulk I went from a soft 176 to a MUCH leaner 170. I was PISSED.

Pinned 150 ace with 1ml of test this morning... felt an itch in my throat. "It's all in my head this tren is bunk or underdosed anyway.... itch got worse. Capped my pin as fast as I could and coughed my lungs out. I tried so hard to fight it I thought I was dying hahaha. I've read all about it and thought I was prepared. I was not prepared.

Y'all should've seen me sitting on the edge of my tub, tears streaming down my face trying not to cough up a lung.

I didn't know it came in bursts! I expected just hacking coughs back to back. That was rough.

I love tren.

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I've got a lab rat that needs one dang vial of Vaultek primo if anyone has an extra floating around.

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Did a deal with heavy and wouldn't have expected any less from the man. His word is solid as he is and just wanted to say thanks to him

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UFC 214, taking place on July 29 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, is arguably the most stacked card of the year. It's headlined by the sport's best rivalry -- Jon Jones (22-1) vs. Daniel Cormier (19-1) -- in a battle for light heavyweight supremacy. Jones won the first matchup by unanimous decision at UFC 182 and was expected to defend his belt against Cormier at UFC 200 before being forced to withdraw due to a failed drug test. Since their first meeting, Cormier has won four consecutive bouts and is coming off a submission win against Anthony Johnson.But that's just one of three ti ... Read the Full Article Here

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Approaching the five-year anniversary of his arrival onto the UFC stage as he faces Santiago Ponzinibbio this Sunday in Glasgow, Gunnar Nelson has found his rhythm.A hyped prospect with an unbeaten record and tremendous grappling pedigree when he first signed with the organization in July 2012, the Icelandic welterweight quickly backed up his advanced billing with four consecutive victories carrying him into the Top 15 and his first main event assignment.Over the next fourteen months, Nelson would falter twice, suffering a split decision loss to Rick Story and getting controlled on the canvas ... Read the Full Article Here

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Hi j8k213,

Welcome to Anabolic Architects Bodybuilding community and steroid forum.
Considering Tate is a big 135er (a former featherweight) and has trained with ‘Borg, seeing Miesha come out of retirement to fight Cyborg would definitely be something most MMA fans would be into. Read more here. Read the Full Article Here

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Dumb question but where is a good place to order syringes? They're legal w/o a prescription where I live. Some sites still want an rX.
So I can pick up my gun next Wednesday. But I won't be able to carry concealed for at least 4 months. Maybe October if NC pushes through the no permit required for concealed carry.

So my question is, given that the proper retention precautions are taken, anyone have opinions on open carry? It's not rare to see it here. I've seen it a bunch in Walmart and lowes lol.

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