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Do not order or email sciroxxonline or Karl for time being there is alot of legal matters going on (LE) stay off the web site do not respond to any email from scrioxxonline or Karl,I am not his rep any longer for a much different reason but wanted to post a warning anyways for my community,I'll keep everyone updated
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The memorial day epic $20 test sale is on,

150 minimum, Free Shipping

All Testosterone products are $20 till May /28/18 midnight
Here are the test oils that are included in the sale,don't miss out save allot of cash and get the primo ug product.

$20 Testosterone:
Test E 250 - $20
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Morning all,

Just wanted to share some current info on where I’m at in life...

Currently 32/5-10/267

I have severe sleep apnea and use cpap, plus 50mg Ritalin to stay awake all day. I’ve recently stopped whining about being tired and passing out etc and said fuck it it’s my life. I blasted off from my usual trt and added Tren Ace.

For the last few years I would barely have the strength to chest press 25lb DBs without my body shaking like a seizure. It was very discouraging to want to work out at that point. Now I’ve moved along, started jogging again and with cycling I’ve lost 15lbs since April and now pushing weights 30-40lbs higher without shaking. Some can say cycle at my size isn’t ideal but however it’s helping me fix my life. There is nothing more miserable than nodding off at your desk all day like a drug addict etc then shaking trying to lift your 1.5 year old baby and so on. So for me it’s helping myself improve in many areas besides the gym and after tren I will lower back to test only like normal and continue to lose weight then helpfully a fall blast.

Currently running
Vaultek test, proviron, caber, adex, Superman pills and IFBB cut mix...
I’ve been on the the cutmix for a little over a week and it’s freaking amazing, I’m sweating all day, strength is up like an animal, with almost no sides. Maybe some poor sleep however with my apnea I never sleep well so I can’t say for sure.

Everyone should get in with ifbb and try cutmix!!! No pip, low sides and huge return quick in your workout/body.

Btw ifbb pack, turnaround and customer service is [emoji817] including good work by Gmoney with prompt replies and product info.

I’ve rambled too much and everyone have a good weekend.
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How to Eat Big When You Aren’t a Big Eater
July 28, 2015 By John Doe

So by now you should know that if you want to build serious muscle it takes calories.

If you didn’t know this, then I’m telling you again…
Calories are king when it comes to gaining mass!!

I’d say that the bulk of people who come to me for advice simply aren’t eating enough.

I’ve been there and I can relate to you. It’s a very uncomfortable adjustment period when you go from eating what YOU THOUGHT was a lot of food, to what REALLY IS a lot of food.

I can remember a time when eating 4 whole scrambled eggs made me want to puke, and now it seems like nothing.

When it comes to gaining size, if you want to go from 150 lbs to 175 lbs, then you already need to be eating like someone who is 175 lbs to get there.

This is the primary reason that this is certainly not comfortable.

Once you begin gaining more muscle your new muscle mass will help speed up your metabolic rate and the process will become a little easier, but it takes time.

The amount of food that I eat on a cutting diet is usually more than most guys are eating who are trying to pick up mass, if this gives you any idea of how much food it really takes!!

Of course your body type and metabolism also plays a major role in how much food you need to eat.

You cannot tell me it cannot be done no matter what body structure you may have.

Yes genetics are the major factor here, but let me tell you something; I had a friend in high school with the worst genetics for bodybuilding ever, and he got up to 215 lbs…….NATURALLY!!

This guy started off at about 6’2″ and 135 lbs or so, he was literally a bean pole!!

But in about 5 years time he totally transformed his body from packing in the food and hitting the gym like his life depended on it!!


The easiest way to get the right caloric intake is through 3 solid meals a day...
whats up what’s up!
I haven’t been posting a lot on here but I am around . I’ve been dealing with that case of shingles and a rough stretch with the wife etc. and I’ve lost 35 lbs and haven’t gone to the gym really in a few months due to the post nuropathy pain in the ass and I refuse to take pain meds cuz I don’t fuck with that shit. I have however found an infinite love for the Cannabinol syrup and now am mixing it up myself and will have it ready for distribution here shortly. Waiting on licensing permit etc. so I guess that’s the positive that has come from this almost 4 month incarceration in this living hell. But I’ve stayed on my grind through it all and even got more done in some cases.
But hey, enough about me. If you’ve read down this far please leave a shout and if you’ve ordered from ifbbsupplies tell me how your order went , tell me how the gear wAs/is. I feel like this thread could use a pick me up so if you get hard wood in the morning or throughout the day because of our testosterone leave a nice naked picture or something of that nature. Cheers to wood haha lets get something going here fellas show us some love!!
This is not a sales pitch or recruitment ad. And no, we're not hiring or anything like that (as far as I know).
I just wanted to take a minute to express my appreciation for PSL from an employee standpoint.

-First off, I've been with PSL for about 4-5 years now. Never even considered leaving. They've always taken care of me.

-When I have an inquiry, question, suggestion etc...I'm treated like a customer with a swift response and a listening ear.

-EVERYONE gets a voice at PSL. If you have an idea to don't talk to some 20 year old intern named talk to Mr. PSL himself directly with your ideas. If he likes it, it's done. Just like that. Within a day or two, the changes are made. No one's ideas are dismissed and no one is treated like an idiot.

-PSL makes mistakes, but you know what? Who doesn't? But when they do make a mistake, us reps are the ones who find out first. Then we escalate the issue up to PSL "headquarters". And just like that, the issue is made right. VERY rarely is anything questioned, or rejected. It's as simple as "Boss, we need to fix this issue for the customer." "Ok, explain the issue and it will be fixed straight away."

-Last, and most important, the products have ALWAYS been spot on. I mean why the heck would I stick around for 5 years just to use half assed gear? I mean all the other stuff I said above is fantastic, but let's be real here.....I do this for the gear son. :)

I could go on and on, but it's early and I just woke up so I'm gonna keep this brief. Just wanted to show everyone how PSL operates. Just a solid, down to earth company.

10/10 would recommend.
I finally got enough proviron to last me 6-7 mths coming.what is the most you guys have ever used per day? Do you split the dose?
Im going back to my pre comp dose 150 mg Ed split 3 times Ed,with 100 mg winny spilt am\pm (this is a high dose for a expo not for summer body) don't recommend it .just curious of some of you guys that compete or make some money doing expose what your dose looks like ,winny works better than anavar for me ,and legit halo is so expensive forget that .