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I get angry and just pissed off alot about how people in the everyday world act(like brains are working anymore) so I'll vent at end of the day and I'll feel better about the world .so if u have something piss you off post it and get it off your chest.

My first addition
Ignorant drivers ,u know them doing 45 in a 65 mph zone,no turrning signals,change lanes 10 times a mile ,or stop in middle of road with no reason it's a every day event anymore and I want to know if these people get there DL out of a box of cracker Jack's !!!
Been off orals except proviron 5 days now and only test cyp 400 mg a week next 20 days.clearing myself out for my first run of tren hex.i have enough raws to run it at 500 mg a week for 14 weeks ,wanna see what all the excitement and price tag is about.If I like it tren hex will be added to our line up .
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Me and the wife about 14 years ago I miss that beach
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Vitamin -B12 1000mg/2ml amp
Condition: New product

Supplier: Biomedica Foscama ,Italy
Chemical Name:cyanocobalaminum
Comes In: 1000mg/amp
Dosage:1000-2000mg per week
Active time: 24 H

B12 helps make DNA, nerve and blood cells, and is crucial for a healthy immune system and brain function. Your metabolism would not run smoothly or function properly without it. B12 can be found in products like eggs, meat, shellfish, and dairy. Most people that don't get enough B12, are more likely to suffer from digestion problems! Stomach acid is key for B12 absorption, as we continue to age our stomach produces less and less stomach acid. Certain medications, prescription as well as over the counter products can affect the production of stomach acid. Antacids that are used for heartburn are probable #1 on this list.
Another concern is ABSORPTION.
Absorption of B12 is a major concern for many people. Women who take birth control usually have issues absorbing B12!
Heavy Drinkers also should take warning.
Alcohol not only will affect your stomach acid but affect your liver and deplete your liver of B12 stores.
A few signs of b12 deficiency are:
brain fog
lack of energy,
Memory loss,
If you wonder why you feel like your always dragging this could be the reason.
People with a lowered immune system, someone who catches cold ans gets sick easily is often times associated with low b12 levels as well.

In my opinion Best Treatment usually involves B12 shots, combined with supplementation.
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It is highly recommended to establish baseline blood values before beginning your cycle. The same applies to establishing PCT values, which are necessary to determine a full recovery. Post cycle blood work should be obtained about 4 weeks after the completion of your PCT in order to determine accurate readings. Additional blood work may be needed in some instances.

The following are Fasting blood values:


1. Cortisol, Total
2. Estradiol, Extraction
3. Prolactin
4. LH
5. FSH
6. T3, Free
7. T4, Free
8. TSH
9. Testosterone, Total, Free and Weakly Bound
10. Hemoglobin A1C
11. Fasting Insulin
12. Somatomedian C (optional)


13. CBC
14. Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
15. Lipid Panel
16. GGT Important Liver Value not included in Comp Metabolic Panel.

Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMS)

Selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) such as Clomiphine (Clomid) and Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) increase pituitary LH secretion in secondary manner by blocking estrogen negative feedback on the HPTA. SERMs are used during PCT as an anti estrogen and to continue the stimulation of pituitary LH when HCG has been used and then discontinued.


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I have a four day weekend ,gonna sleep,eat ,gym,and alone time with the wife .have a blessed holiday weekend AA.
0829181543-1.jpg 0829181543a-1.jpg Just a taste of new lineup got labels ready.
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Ifbb got me my gear in 2 days. Thanks for your help brother.