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All members please avoid ordering from IFBB. UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.
I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO CONTACT HIM. And there's a few things that I'm concerned about. So until I hear from him, AND all current pending orders are filled. DO NOT ORDER OR SEND *ANY *FUNDS.
I hope to resolve this matter very soon and hopefully it's a simple problem. I'm aware of 1 person who has had funds collected from Chaos. If there's anyone else. Please don't post here. Let's not get overly excited until we know EXACTLY what is going on. Again there may be a good reason. Pm me or a mod if you have a issue as well. Anyone that chooses to go ahead and order or send funds after this was posted, that is your choice.

*** me if you know anything else

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Alright guys, as you know I stepped down from being a mod. Just have a lot going on, to where I couldn't be as active as I should've been.

I hate making excuses but damn, if life ain't busy. I'm working 60 hours a week. Job put me in a different location so I had to move. Finally moved in my new house today. Before that, I got a little lump in my right titty. So I've been hammering aromasin and nolva. It shrunk a lot but it's still there (but damn that tren base though). I've been spending most of my little free time at the gun range, and actually taking rest days from the gym.

My diet has been crap. And on my tren run, I did an accidental cut. I feel like I look great, but I meant to GAIN. Oh well, winter is coming.

Anyway I'm going to try and be more active now, as I personally feel like I've got a solid knowledge base that deserves to be shared with my brothers.

Still killin it. Here's after 20 weeks of tren ace at 350/wk and NPP for the final 10 weeks

9971e573bb9b3032c34a05e4d52c8c40.jpg fce66d9ea721407d71a87444b735a0ab.jpg

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I find there is stereo typing per say. Like I get stares when I'm in gym clothes like oh he only looks that way cuz he has to be using gear.

I get people come up to me and ask what steroids I use.

When I'm dressed Business casual or in a suit no more stares no more questions. It's like I'm no longer a big freak but maybe someone who is successful or has money.

When I'm not dealing with work I immediately change into more loose gym
Clothes. Or a pair of jeans (not so much) it's what I'm most comfortable wearing even though I'm in a business setting most
Of the week.

What are ur feelings on this? How do u feel ur perceived in what u wear most of the time?

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What's up AA? I have heard some good and have heard some bad, I have never ran this compund but I am considering on my next cycle. What are your thoughts on anadrol? Is it strong? Does it hit hard and fast? Will one gain fast like people say? Just throwing this out to you all and see what I get. Thanks, have a great day.

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Okay so had a pack coming from an international sponsor here. Sat in customs a few days. Was kind of curious.

Then I get a message from the family member whom I had it shipped to asking if I was expecting a package.
"Nope. Maybe sunglasses from China or the Philippines or something off Groupon".

Apparently, a person who wasn't the usual mail carrier delivered it in a normal car with a blinking yellow light. He signed for it. My dumb ass drove so fast thinking the worst. The pack seemed un-tampered with so I opened it. Very well packaged. Discreet. Etc.

It's a couple days later so far and still nothing. Any idea what happened?

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