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This is one of my favorite vids. The 51st Door

Hello everyone
LT reporting in and looking forward to seeing where this place will go.
Many people are afraid of what is known as the most anabolic substance known. But used correctly it can reap some more than average results. Insulin. A dangerous and possibly deadly product that many know very little about. Let's learn. Fast acting Slin is most commonly used and 7-10 grams of fast acting carb such as karbolyn is a nessecary tool needed to keep the body from becoming hypoglycemic. Peak times vary, but Humalog and novalog peak at about 1.5 hours after administration and last roughly 3 hours. Never go to sleep with in this time period. As it could put you at risk for hypoglycemia to set in. And that's when the trouble starts. Many people find a single dose of 7-10 units preworkout are optimal for muscle growth. I can go on and on about this subject. I'm just scratching the surface. I would highly recommend this to be deeply researched prior to ever even considering the addition of this powerful anabolic.
Appreciate you posting these videos.... May seem silly, DB bench, we all know how to do that!!! But you always see people smacking db together at the top of the motion with zero control! I sometimes like to squeeze them together as hard as I can, but I like doing it how Cutler showed the best.
nice to see the place up and running, thank you jv for the invite over

looking forward to seeing this place come together
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Hey there everyone. I just got invited. I'm an ex elite endurance athlete. Now I lift some weights and do a ton of cardio. I'm a member of a couple of other boards but always looking for good content. Thanks for the invite.
What's up everyone!?!? Look forward to getting to know everyone here, see some familiar names!
I've used many generic, name brand generics and pharma Hgh. I've gotten great results from many in the past, even a lot of the past generics were really good, obviously pharma is the best! ( although many simply cannot afford it) and unless you know you're source, even pharma is faked more often lately. What do you guys/ladies think about this? I know my answer. But would like to hear others point of view.