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Whenever a Tour de France competitor gets busted for using performance enhancing drugs, EPO (erythropoietin) is usually the first drug we think of. We’re not always correct, but it’s everyone’s first thought. And usually, we’d be right – because it’s the single most effective drug for boosting performance in that kind of event.

Erythropoietin is produced naturally by the kidney, which releases it into the blood where binds with receptors in bone marrow. Once bound to those receptors, it stimulates the production of new red blood cells (erythrocytes). The whole process is called erythropoiesis, and it drastically increases hematocrit (the ratio of red blood cells to the total volume of blood) And those red blood cells live for several months, so EPO isn’t normally the kind of thing someone adds to their weekly injection schedule (unless they’re microdosing).

The more red blood cells you have, the more oxygenated blood can get to your muscles, and the more oxygenated blood gets to your muscles, the lower your heart needs to work to get oxygen into those muscles, and the faster blood lactate will clear from them. This translates to the ability to work harder and longer with less effort. A lot harder, for a lot longer, with far less effort. This is why so many endurance athletes use it.

And since EPO is a naturally occurring hormone, simply testing an athlete for it’s presence won’t work, making it even more appealing for athletes who are drug tested.

This is because EPO has been banned since the early ’90s, when scientists figured out that it was being used to increase endurance…but there wasn’t a reliable test for it until the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Australia. This first test used a blood and urine matrix, meaning both blood and urine tests were necessary to confirm the presence of exogenous EPO use. Three years later, fine-tuning of the test allowed for it to be detected using only urine, although some federations still use both.

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Things have been crazy as always here but I wanted to take a minute to thank M.Man and BHP!! A buddy of mine needed some asap and Blue Ridge came thru beautifully!! And blessed me as well.Ive never tried Sdrol before.It was the only oral I've never tried.Ive only been on since for 5 days and feel my muscle getting tighter already!! My back is pumped as much as it can!! I can wait to see and FEEL the results over the next few weeks.And the Sust is on point too!! Ill post more over the next few weeks as I try and get my life back to normal..
.whatever that is!!!
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