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Good Day AA fellow members. I am sad to say that I haven't been as active on here as I should be. I hope many of you know me well, and for those who don't, I am an open book. We operate under anonymity, however I look at this like a community of men (and women), connected by the commonality of an interest in advancing our physiques and doing so as safely as possible. I am a trusting soul by nature, and this character flaw has caused me great grief. I was recently banned from a forum in which I believe I had a strong hand in building it to what it was. I am sure the rumor mill will say that it was due to this or that, but bottom line, most ppl in these forums know me and what I am about, and know I am a man of my word and integrity is my M.O. I wont get into detail as to why I was banned in respect for this board and its privacy, but I exposed corruption, and in "Hillary Clinton-Like Fashion", I was "offed" just like the reporter that exposed her. So there you have it-six years of helping members, building up good sponsors, referring tons of members and helping out my fellow brothers, was taken from me in one fair swoop. Sad thing is the goons behind it all have God-awful physiques and hide there two faces in a mask of unbiased appearance. I always say cream rises to the top, and all will fall as it may. Anyway-thank you all of you for having me aboard, and I hope I can help as many of you as possible.
I hope this is the correct forum if not mods please move it.

This past weekend a solid brother past that many here know.His handle was Meat.
Meat was a great guy, funny as hell and a solid dude. He always did what he said he would and went out of his way to be on point and make people happy.
He was just a young guy and his passing was an unexpected tragedy. Ill pray for him and his family. Those of you that knew him please do the same.
Thank you
Here's a few quick shots of where I'm at.I have lost so much thru all of this but concidering I'm 50 and have'nt been able to do more than push-ups and dips and a few dumbell exercises I'm not doing to bad. I don't have a choice but to get better.Even with disabilty I have to try and earnmoney somehowor I'll starve and l9se what little I do have.People I iwe moneytodon't care about my health only what I owe and I understand.My health problems aten't their.
Alright, figured I'd give tren base a shot. I spent months... literally... using 50mg TNE pre workout damn near every day. I had a massive stockpile. BP was great even while the TNE was hitting. So i figured what the hell. I was only running 150mg test per week anyway

But I decided I want to crank it up a notch and try out some tren base. Now this WONT be abused like how I used TNE, I'll save it for my good heavy days where I really want to smash it.

What should I use for a dose? With TNE I found no difference between 50-100 and even 150mg.

I don't want to waste a half mL of instant god-nectar because 1mL will work as well as .5.

I'm already running 130ish tren ace eod.

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So I finally picked an Online Coach to get me back on track with my fitness goals and weekly nutrition.
I recently moved so thats been one fun task NOT!! Anyhow, at my ripe age of 49 I seriously want to get in the best shape I've ever been. I'm not going on stage but do want to get seriously lean and be happy with myself.
My online coach I honestly researched for about 4 months lol. He works w the big boys and maybe guys some of you compete with.

He sent me my diet plan and my first thoughts were WTF lol.

He has me consuming 225g Carbs, 200g Protein ans 60g Fat.

I spent about $700 at Costco so I can start meal prepping like some of you do. My main thing I need to keep focused as this Coaching is all new to me.

I'm going to have to really strict and keep a positive attitude. I know already I'm going to be one grumpy fukk. LoL

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What is ur favorite stim and what hits u the strongest.

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I like to enjoy my cars and car hobby, but has rained every Fri and Sat for past 5 weeks.
I spent $2k on some new meats for my 911TurboS to get better traction and handling. Didnt need them ,but bought to enjoy car more and track it.
My girl doesn't like sex as often as i do, so what else is there to do? Been pounding it at the gym so don't need extra time there. Pick at home projects, but after a long week if work and training, i need some fun. 37ed366740df3f81da44eb92e25afd58.jpg

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