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The other day I read a few comments on a thread about this subject.
It's helped me a ton!!! I suffered for over 15 yrs.Some of you are too young to remember before the interweb it was almost impossible to get unless you lived near the border or were a pro with a sponsor.Thus us a great read!!
I wanted to take a minute to once again thank MM and Zilla for this chance to work with BHP and to offer my help and support to any member who needs it!! I am on AA just about 24/7 if you haven't noticed and have a decent amount of Knowledge on PED's ,diet and Exercise.I've been around all of this for over 30 yrs now and love it just as much today as I did when I started.
I also spent 12 yrs doing personal training.If I can help in anyway please hit me up!! If I can't answer it I will find someone who can!!
Please feel free to hit me up anytime here or at ..... dr.ziegler2224@protonmail.com or just WIKR me at drziegler for now.Im looking into getting an even more secure messaging system.
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No one got the exact number but a. Dr Z Got closest without going over with 1269
The real number is 1273 tabs
Congratulations DR send me your shipping info.
Thanks for everyone taking part I wish I could give everyone something love and respect all of you.
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love in a bro love way, not the prison type.
Ordered some kits of greys to reboost my stash
Had micro discectemy surgery friday so gona run like 6iu a day with some test.
You guys know of anything else that may benifit the speed up time of healing.
Oh and man i am in some fucking pain too.
Need to get the precesets added to the list. Hahah
Any of u guys had that surgey before? How u like it?
Thanks for your service and keeping our country great and protecting my family.15% off anything we have in stock today 11/11/18
God bless and thank you all.my heart is full of pride and respect for all of you.
I am running this at 20mg a day. I am half way threw first bottle. I picked up 2 60ml 10mg bottles.
I added in some mk-677 at 25mg and i am was already on 3iu HGH.
I feel more endurance for sure.
It is my first run with cardarine.
Since I'm adding some great people to BRP just want memebers to know ZILLAGRAYBEARD is top dog,so any problems he the man
Mark and Dr Z are reps and here to help with all ur needs ,each one has direct contact with me at all time
I want BRP customer service to be the very best,and our products to be the very best so I'm making a kick ass team to make sure of it for all customers .