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Hey guys!

There is a massive restocking taking place as we are signing more and more contracts with some of the most important manufacturers on the market, all successfully tested by

Pharmacom Labs line will be temporary discontinued on Pharma Com Store as we have reached an agreement with the manufacturer not to associate its brand name with other AAS manufacturers or Pharma Grade companies that are and will be present from now on our page and new project.

Despite our Pharmacom Labs factory shipping, we have always operated independently, ever since 2008, when we became the first Pharmacom Labs distributor.

Currently we own and operate 3 independent warehouses from which 2 of them have a shipping success rate to US of 100% starting from the 1st of October '17.

We are arguably the most discussed and reviewed online source therefore we are discussing our new contracts with manufacturers at the highest level with no middle men. If their factory shipping is not satisfactory to us in terms of delivery time and shipping success rate we would simply import products to our locations and use our premium shipping routes

We have started to add more products, starting with PCT, pharma grades AAS and various ancillaries from several months ago as we have decided to follow this multi-brand PHARMA ONE STOP SHOP path from the end of '17.

Current new additions are Alpha Pharma and Dragon Pharma plus many pharmaceutical grade products, like Sustanon, Testosterone, Primobolan, HGH, insuline etc

We have more than 400 products ready for being uploaded and this requires a lot of extra programming infrastructure to which we are working since January.

A great focus will also be on expanding our Pharma/Medicine product line, and we consider the current domain name (Pharma Com Store) very well suited seo and...
New to this board, finally decided I could offer some good feedback and nice TD pics occasionally. Found these dudes through the grapevine and they have nothing but impressed. Had 10+ different domestic sources over the years and these dudes top it all. Fast T/A, fire gear, good communication, great prices and bulk deals.
My pm box is down for some reason,and pm is just for general ? And conversation please use my email to talk gear guys ok?

No email at this time pm only
Just a little pic for the weekend.... get those gains boys
Unitedgear has athurized me to announce a $100 minimum order amount till July the first.This way for the guys who have not tried him yet can make a smaller first time investment.So thank you United for allways thinking of the customer first.
And of course I listened! Just added to the list is LADY VAR 10mg !
So I’ve been using United’s test 400 now for a wk and want to say I’ve had no pip, easy to draw and push through a slin pin.

I’ve seen an increase in acne so I know it has to be from the added test.

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Since you guys seemed to like that first stash, here ya go..
United is top of the game.
Check out our website as we now carry Dragon Pharma and Alpha Pharma!

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Check out the site here

We have new Pharm grade hgh, enough variety to make your grandma cry :)

Check it out and let me know what you think!