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What's up AA? I know times change and new faces are in the scene, but really this is for the ones I know and been knowing since this whole AA got off the ground. My wife is pregnant with our 1st baby!!!!! I'm excited and nervous as all get out!!!! Lol. When we got married we planned on 2 years and a house before, well, the 2 years has came but we still haven't got the house, but we are definitely amping up the hunt now I'm sure it will happen in the right timing. So, yea, we have a little Bama in the oven and we are over the moon, we do not know what it is yet, we haven't even been to the doctor yet. It's that that to start the visits because she has been sick for about 2 weeks now bless her heart. Just thought I would share this exciting news with my AA family.
Hope you all have a great and productive day. No matter what comes your way STAY POSITIVE and you will get through it with ease.

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Hi Theomega,

Welcome to Anabolic Architects Bodybuilding community and steroid forum.
Hi DrNeedle,

Welcome to Anabolic Architects Bodybuilding community and steroid forum.
Any one else here got it? I’ve been battling it for 2 months finally starting to get relief. It’s no joke either symptoms are terrible.
Once again, the topic "Test-Flu" has recently gained our attention.

What is it, and do others experience it?

There's many factors to examine here.. Let's consider the age & genetics of the user,
the cycle/compounds being utilized and quantity/dosage..These are just a few examples to review!

Beyond anything else here: The question "test flu" can prove rather difficult to generalize because of so many variables at play here.
Such as the solvent/carrier used and ratio, quality and sterilization, or even remaining acidic residuels left behind in the raw material
from the manufacture cutting corners during the manufacturing process,
yielding poor quality which all my induce a lymphatic immune response.

This will differ from one instance to the next as well as the users sensitive will vary, and at times the route chosen for administration, sensitive injections sites..
Now, although we have a template here of what could possibly be taking place, there's an even more plausible explanation..

Keep in mind This all becomes dependent on the individual..There may not be a definitive answer for everyone,
but ultimately one should take great consideration the explanation that is about to be provided here.


Pyrogenicity of etiocholanolone and interleukin-1 in New and Old World Monkeys.

Etiocholanolone (5beta-androstan-3alpha-ol-17-one; designated E) is one of the major products of metabolism of testosterone and
androstenedione (androst-4-ene-3,17-dione) in many mammalian species,including humans.
E and several other 5beta-reduced steroids have been found to induce fever in humans.
The pyrogenic effect of these steroids has been shown to be due to the release of interleukin-1 (IL-1) from the leukocytes that are mobilized in response to the steroid injections.

Old World Monkeys such as Rhesus monkeys (Macaca mu/atta), metabolize androgens similarly to humans,...​

I've been planning a test/eq/tbol cycle for some time but haven't had the time or money to dedicate to it so I haven't started it.

I will have to have lab work done in May for my TRT doc and since this will be a 16 week cycle it may be too close to run the cycle.

My solution and question is:

My doc gives me the option to run my test at up to 250mg/wk if I want. So if I run my cycle at 250mg/wk and my EQ at 800 would my lab work show any sign of AAS use? Would the EQ and tbol skew anything?

I have been on the fence about running a low dose test cycle anyway because I've read good things about it.


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I heard that Trenbolone is probably the best among the analogues by reviews of sportsmen
Hi DenyStrong,

Welcome to Anabolic Architects Bodybuilding community and steroid forum.
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