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Ifbbsupplies is back we had some internal issues and a hurricane to deal with but the boss is stepping in and taking day to day business over till we get caught up and back running smooth.

ANYONE WHO HAS AN ORDER that needs to be filled that "has already been paid for " please message me so we can make sure nobody gets lost thank you
Haven't been on much been having problems with my wife's health again unfortunately.
She has a blockage in her stomach going into the gastro tract ( digestive ).
Well anyway she said she was feeling light headed so I told her to lay down. The phone rang and long story short she passed out and went into a seizure which she has never had. I panicked being it's my wife and have never been around anyone whose had one.
My son whose only 16 helped me in telling me which side to roll her.
She actually stopped breathing which seemed like forever and then started to foam and clear liquid came out. She then tighted up again.
The whole thing was probably only a few minutes but seemed like forever.
When she came back around she started to get up by then the paramedics were there and the strength she had was unbelievable I had such a hard time holding her.
Anyway she needs surgery to remove the blockage but she can't eat much and I believe is what triggered it because she doesn't stop she's always going and she's burning more calories than she's taking in and I think her body just said enough is enough.
It's been a long road ( years ) but it's just getting worse.
I'm glad I was home because it could've been a lot worse.
The hospital didn't even keep her overnight just took some blood test and a cat scan came back normal and sent us on our way.
Anyway sorry I'm rambling just been a tough ride lately.
She's doing better and have multiple appts this week.
Anyway just wanted to say hello for a minute and say what's up.

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Chaos answered. He had major issues due to the hurricane and will be back on track very soon. HE SAID EVERY ONE WILL RECEIVE Their packs

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Hi Florencio K. Nolan,

Welcome to Anabolic Architects Bodybuilding community and steroid forum.
November will be 9 years sober from heroin and crack, I don't say this for any congrats or ego. I learned a few years ago just because I'm sober doesn't necessarily make me a good person. I was just a sober dick with a short fuse.

My point is the gym is what helps me with everything, it is my therapy session. God gave me a drive that is unstoppable, and the gym is my outlet. I am 6'6" and was 175lbs many years ago, I thrive on doubt from others because that's all I got from old using friends and unfortunately some family. I would never be sober and sure couldn't make it in the gym. And now at 250lbs and hoping 270-280 next year I love seeing those people and without saying anything rubbing that shit in their face.

It is where my self reflection, control, positivity, drive, competitiveness, ect improve. I am far from perfect but it helps me be a better husban, father, and person. It is my selfish time when i can be by myself from busy life, but also where i can meet new people struggling to help change their life around. Because to me, if I only live for myself my life was wasted.

What is the gym to you?
i have a small variety with miglyol 840, and i love it. PM me if you are tired of pip.
For those that do not know Blacklist is back with season 4 and it is GOOD!!! If you don't know about this show, check it out on Netflix.

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