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My mom said I've been acting like i may have diabetes. And I'm curious and worried about what these symptoms may be?

Share your ideas please....Thanks

signs of diabetes in men
What are some good family vacation spots? Any recommendations gents?
In 2 weeks its me and the wife's anniversary and there is one of those recliner lazy boy chair theaters that just opened up by the house where they bring u food and stuff she wants a dinner date night and a movie but I have been working crazy hours and need a movie recommendation.any one see any thing worth watching????
About Primobolin , What dose works best for you? What's your pinning layout look like? I like 800 mgs ew. 5 pins a week.
I am finishing up a great 20 week run and want to take 5-6 months off but I have buddy's telling me I'm wasting my time not cruzing between cycles...I have been hitting it hard last 4 years and went from 180 to 245 and climbing.I'm going for mk-677 and a couple clean blast between cycles personally maybe I will Cruz in a couple years from now I'm 38 and my natural teat is always 500-600 ng. So do u guys Cruz ,blast or just run that shit all year like true beast????
With out AAS? Or how much do you think AAS Alone, has contributed to your physique?????
Alright all my mass gaining peeps tomorrow is the day to show your appreciation to all those woman who gave birth to u and risked there lives to have your awesome children and nieces and nephews and cuzins.I want to here all the great things you guys did for these girls who stand by us and our life of lifting and diets.[​IMG]
Just checking the place out.
Longest Blast of Gear. Not cruise.not TRT. BLAST!!!!!!??????????????