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Or combo of peptides. And why????
I'm new here so let me introduce my self to know each other very well I m Lina from USA,Dallas . I'm looking for people who suggest me something about my site if it need to edit something to attract peoples. SITE:
Well I hope everyone has some good plans this wife already has the whole weekend filled she even gave me morning time for hitting the gym.the rest is filled with FAM and friends.I will be exhausted by Tuesday and I'm going to a new 6 story project!!!!score!!!feeling blessed and I hope everyone else is feeling the same way!!!!!

Anyone try this ??? Supposed to have DMAA in it.made by Genentech pharma. Supposed to be the best on the market
I have posted about Legends gear being expired and I would not sell something I am not sure about. So I did some homework on expired gear and talked to my boss (Massbuilder) and found that gear does not loose its potentcy anywhere between 5 to 7 yrs, anything past that is pushing it.

I have some of Legends gear and this is what I have,

6 bottles of sust- not expired

4 bottles of test p- not expired

3 bottles of deca- expired 1 year

3 bottles of test c- expired 1 year

3 bottles of test e- expired 1 year

2 bottles of npp- expired

If anyone is interested I will let the expired bottles go for $10 each.

The gear that is not expired I will let the test p go for $15 each and the sust for $20 each


This is $310 for 2 cycles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Building big traps
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