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I figure iwill run test cyp 700 for 2 more weeks then come down to my hrt dose of 200mg.I see her every 6 months so it gives me a good time to blast.I was thinking about asking her for some hcg.I slowly feel her out about that.
Well it's official. After years of using TMM he has gone to the dark side. Not only was my order 100% fake, he also faked refunding the money. Never trust a vendor who suddenly disappears on an unannounced vacation. 3 months of using dbol, eq and test, and I lost 11 lbs. FAKE!!!
I was taking 600mg of deca and 700 test cyp.NOt in first couple of weeks but after that i could get it up but no ejaculation.Been of deca for 2 weeks.Should i slowly get that back.I havent done deca in about 10 years.I think 600mg was to much.

Not what we wanted to see but it will still be great to see Bones back in there doing his thing . An upset by Saint Preux would shock the MMA world.

Well, I'm not really a newb haha. I got the invite from juiced venom and figured I'd check this place out. Been lifting for over 12 years straight but I'm always up for learning something new. Thanks for having me guys, I'm glad to be here
Welcome to AA. Great to have you here
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