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I am about to begin a new cycle and would like your input and opinions. Everything will be run from my preferred sponsor with exception to the Arimidex,Cabergoline,and Tudca for liver protection. Week 1 - 5 is planned as follows:
Anadrol 50 mg daily
Tren-A 75mg. EOD
Test Cyp 250mg 2 x week
Arimidex .5mg EOD
Cabergoline .25mg 2 x week
Tudca 500 mg daily (liver protection)
This is the first 1/3 of my cycle , still planning. I know some of my more experienced brothers have done this cycle or similar so any input would be appreciated. I am looking at a 16 week total cycle , will probably finish with Tren-A and Test Cyp. I have a ton of Dianabol , but will wait till after week 5 to see how I feel to even consider adding it.
Don’t want to leave anyone in the dark here.
At the moment AEL has been pulled. Maybe some have noticed already.

Issues need to be resolved.

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A long time friend of mine did this thread at a fourm and I look at it everyday for insperation to get going or drag my lazy ass to work or the I'll start it out for us all.

My wife is all the happiness I need when I'm having a bad day and get grumpy I keep pictures of her on my phone to remind me why I work 12-16 hr days.
This is to inform everyone that I am no longer the Rep for AEL.

All questions and concerns should be directed to until they notify differently.
I am running prop 100/eod in week two and I’m like a fountain all day and during sleep. Are sweats any sort of side? Never ran prop so that’s why I ask.
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Have any brothers here received a seizure letter? What’s my best way to proceed? I have cleaned the house of all goodies, has anyone had to deal
With this before? Feedback needed
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