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Does anyone know if IA is still an active sponsor? I have not seen them update since April or May. I am having issues with them.
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I have waited and waited, getting the run around as to why order has not shipped. Anyone else have problems with IA?
What's good brothers? Im interested in some feedback on the orals. Mostly the cialis. Anyone try it? Were they good? Pressed well etc? Thanks
Anyone else try this? Ive started it and will let people know what i think in a few weeks.

BTW new here, hello
Just wanted to take time to thank two guys who are more than just members on a board I call brother!! They keep proving to me their much more and truly are Family!!!!! Time and Time again both in their own way have came out of nowhere when I needed a friend the most and helped me more than people I've known my whole life.Gmoney over the last few weeks has watched over me as if he were really my brother when I needed it the most!! That goes well beyond what any sponsor has to do!!